Alliance Video Security (CCTV) System

Security in a healthcare environment requires a balance of control and accessibility. Residents want to feel safe and visitors want to feel welcome. Staff members want to do their jobs without being inconvenienced by systems that interfere with movement and efficiency.

Security cameras are a great way to protect an elder care facility or nursing home. The number of retirees living in nursing homes is on the rise and will continue to for years. Large homes of elderly handicapped and impaired residents make security a life-saving priority. Video surveillance goes beyond wander control and fall management. A smartly installed CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system is an effective way to keep your residents, staff and facility safe from theft, vandalism and intruders.

More and more facilities are managing multiple access control system and video security system functions from a central command room, ensuring everything from the parking lot to the medical supply room is secure.

Why manage security from a central hub?

  • Enables event monitoring across multiple security systems
  • Allows open architecture to work with established IT standards
  • Retains backwards compatibility with equipment you already have
  • Maximizes reliability of fire and intrusion detection, reducing unwanted alarms
  • Reduce overall system cost by integrating systems
  • Aids in compliance with JCAHO, HIPAA and other regulatory standards

Security Camera Access System

The Alliance Video Security (CCTV) System features include

Superior Equipment – The video security system utilizes high resolution  bullet, dome and enclosed security cameras from select vendors, whose brands consistently pass our high standards of product excellence.

Multiple Location Monitoring – The Alliance Video Security (CCTV) System allows a single operator to view multiple facility access points, hallways and restricted access entryways from a central location, thus decreasing the need for hourly on-site inspections.

Digital Recording – The video security system automatically records to a secure DVR (digital video recorder) for security footage playback and after-incident review.

Improve Facility Reputation – New resident family members are more likely to entrust their loved ones to your facility’s care when they can have the added benefit of peace of mind provided by a 24/7 security system installed. Exterior building cameras also aid as a visual deterrent to would-be burglars and vandals.

Integrates with product line – All of our products easily integrate with one another to provide your facility with a comprehensive system that will protect and secure your facility staff and residents.

Reliable Customer Service and Support – our partnership with our customers goes way beyond systems installation. Professional service and technical assistance are available via 24/7 support hotline.