The Alliance Monitoring family of monitoring / security products utilize leading edge hardware and software technologies, integrating these products into comprehensive system solutions for the health care industry. These innovations can also be integrated with products purchased from third party sources.


• All-Call® Nurse Call Notification System When residents encounter an emergency or need help, the All-Call® Nurse/Staff Notification System alerts staff immediately of the event. The nurse call system allows residents to call for assistance wherever they are located in the facility by utilizing nurse call wall stations, bed stations, bath stations or nurse call wrist and neck pendants. The nurse call system allows you to install our stations in any location of need and are easily relocated should your facility’s needs change.

• All-Call® Fall Management System It has been well documented by the CNA Long Term Care Industry Liability Claim Report, the Elderly Fact Sheet, and the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control – that resident falls account for 35% of all ALF litigation and the average cost of a fall-related lawsuit is $134,000. Eliminating these types of incidents are of the utmost importance in any long-term care environment. Our fall management monitor provides your staff with a light and portable resident fall monitor that can be attached to walls, wheelchairs or beds, alerting you to any resident fall distress.

• Alliance Access Control System The solution to the resident elopement problem is an access control monitoring system that can identify staff member and visitor from a wandering resident. The Alliance monitoring system does just that by providing reliable detection through use of tear-proof radio frequency tags. When paired with our innovative door access controllers, you’ll be notified whenever an elopement or pending elopement occurs and your doors will automatically lock whenever a wandering patient nears designated doors.

• Alliance Video Security (CCTV) System Security cameras are a great way to protect an elder care facility or nursing home from theft or vandalism. A smartly installed CCTV system is an easy and effective way to keep your residents and staff safe from theft, vandalism and unwanted intruders, while providing the added benefit of resident monitoring.