Product & System Support

As with all electronic systems, Alliance Monitoring Technologies’ products operate more efficiently with periodic maintenance. Some of the support services we provide include:

On-site system installation – Our technicians are trained and have the expertise to install all the systems we sell. We have installed many systems since 1994. Our attention to detail and installing each component in an aesthetically pleasing way helps your facility seem less institutionalized and more home-like and modern.

Complete in-service training – What good is a new system if your staff does not understand how to operate it or get the most out of it? Our certified technicians stay long after the initial installation to make sure that your staff has been trained and know how the system will benefit them. Schedule in-service with each shift ensures everyone on your staff is familiar with the system.

Service after the sale – Over time in a relationship the tendency is to take one another for granted. We promise to treat you with the same courtesy and respect, and ensure the same quality of service that you received from us the first time we met.

Warranty service – Alliance systems are warranted for a period of 1 year from the date of installation for all parts and labor. Our technicians are at the ready 24/7 to provide timely service.

Annual service agreements – Provides blocks of time to be used for service call visits to your facility by a qualified Alliance technician to review the operation of covered systems to confirm proper operation. Any problems discovered will be communicated to the administrator of the facility and any corrective work performed will entitle you to receive discounted rates on both labor and materials. Benefits and features of the Annual Service Agreement includes:

  • Cover any of the Alliance systems -access control, wander control, nurse call or video security
  • Time can be used for in-service training to make sure staff knows how to operate the systems
  • Reduced rates for labor and materials for service calls not covered by the agreement
  • 3 hours of free technical phone support

Service is a hallmark of our company and is what sets us apart in the industry. For that reason we want to ensure our valuable customers are completely satisfied with the level of support provided by our technical support staff. We provide 24-hour / 7 day-a-week technical support for all our products and services.

For more complete information or to order a service agreement for your facility, visit our contact page to call or email our sales department.