OSHA’s “nudging” for safer environments

Effective August 10, 2016 employers of high hazard industries are now required to electronically log injuries and illnesses. Next to construction, the nursing industry is presented as one of the most dangerous job environments in America. It is also one of the fastest growing occupations. According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, 35,000 back and neck injuries cause loss of work every year. OSHA is requiring records to be kept that identify the hazards, and the action that is taken to fix the issues. This information will then be made public, after removing any personal items. These steps are meant to provide OSHA with a better understanding of the work environment and promote better guide lines to make the job safer. Martie Moore talks about OSHA’s ruling in her article, What OSHA’s new ruling means for you found at www.mcknights.com . To see the Final Rule you can visit The Daily Journal of the United States Government.