TekTone Elite Partner

We are excited to announce our new partnership with TekTone Sound and Signal®. TekTone® designs and manufactures all of their systems and products at their new factory in Franklin, North Carolina. They provide an Audio-Visual Nurse Call, Wander Management, Alert Integration, Tone-Visual Nurse Call, Tek-Care® iOS Apps, and the TekTone® Systems Integration...Read More »


We’re proud to serve some of these KDAD PEAK 2.0 facilities that are working diligently to increase the quality of life for their residents! These “person centered” care homes have taken years to develop their programs and improve their facilities. Our goal is to support this process and make the...Read More »

Medicare "Seamless Conversion" Not So Seamless?

The Seamless Conversion plan, part of the 1997 Balance Budget Act, allows insurers to transfer customers enrolled in the Affordable Care Act or other commercial plans to Medicare when they eligible. In 2005 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services established guidance and as of October 6, 2016 Medicare Advantage...Read More »

A Clearer Picture For The Patient


Skip The Math: Researchers Paint A Picture Of Health Benefits And Risks – Jay Hancock

Certain procedures and drugs maybe non-beneficial to patients or even more harmful. In eldercare unneeded procedures and prescriptions can hinder the patients recovery or keep them from returning home at all.

“An estimated...Read More »

Is Catastrophic Insurance for Long-Term Care Beneficial?

For some time, researchers have been studying the benefits of Catastrophic Insurance for Long-Term Care. These are plans that meet the requirements of Qualified Health Plans (QHP) but do not cover any other benefits other than 3 primary care visits per year until the deductible is met. The...Read More »

Could 2010 health overhaul widen the gap between rural and urban healthcare?

In an article about Medicaid expansion, Shefali Luthra talks about the effects it has on different hospitals. Researchers at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill found that rural hospitals showed financial improvement when the state expanded Medicaid. It is clear that the financial impact will differ between...Read More »

OSHA's "nudging" for safer environments

Effective August 10, 2016 employers of high hazard industries are now required to electronically log injuries and illnesses. Next to construction, the nursing industry is presented as one of the most dangerous job environments in America. It is also one of the fastest growing occupations. According to the Department of Labor’s...Read More »

Less Means More

In an article recently posted on Kaiser Health News, Anna Gorman talks about the fact that less means more in the cases of elderly patients admitted into hospitals. The less an elderly patient is assisted in their daily tasks the easier it will be for them to return to their...Read More »

LTC Costs Elevating

Wichita, KS: August 9, 2016

According to Modern Healthcare, long-term care costs rose yet again this year. The only adult care cost that fell was adult day care. This is leaving the average family in a tight spot without any cheaper options, especially those without long-term care insurance. For families in this...Read More »

Talks About Tech & More Importantly, You

It is pretty easy for a company to brag about having the best products around, but how about the best service? For 22 years, James and Karen Lindamood have been providing Independent and Long-Term Health Care facilities with the best products and the best service. Alliance stands for more than just...Read More »

All-Call® Nurse Call Receives ETL Listing

WICHITA, KS, February 1, 2015– Alliance Monitoring Technologies, L.L.C. announced that its life safety wireless All-Call® Nurse Call System ( received the industry’s ETL certification that it conforms to UL Standards 1069 & 2560.

Alliance’s system joins the ranks of a few manufacturers that can meet this standard and gives...Read More »

Sales Representative for Oklahoma, Northwest Arkansas Market

Wichita, KS: February 3, 2015 – Alliance Monitoring Technologies, L.L.C. announced today that they have recently hired a new sales representative to handle accounts in the Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas markets. Annette Kidwell comes to Alliance with a 12 year track record for sales in the long term care industry.

James...Read More »

National Corporate Accounts Manager

Wichita, KS: December 31, 2014 – Alliance Monitoring Technologies, L.L.C. has announced the recent promotion of Sean Stoy to National Corporate Accounts Manager for the company. Sean will focus his activities towards positioning the Alliance product line for use in corporate accounts.

Scott Tucker, Chief Executive Officer for Alliance commented, “With the...Read More »

Alliance announces the hiring of its newest Sales Representative...

Wichita, KS: April 28, 2014 – Alliance Monitoring Technologies, L.L.C. announced today that they have recently hired a new sales representative to handle accounts in the Kansas and Oklahoma markets. John Hanrahan comes to Alliance with an extensive sales background in aeronautic sales and health care services.

Scott Tucker, General Manager...Read More »

Alliance Monitoring Technologies Announces New Dealer Added

Circuit Masters, Inc. will extend Alliance’s reach in the Mid-West
Wichita, KS December 1, 2013: Alliance Monitoring Technologies, L.L.C. announced today that they have added a dealer in the Midwest market. Circuit Masters, Inc. a low-voltage systems contractor operating out of Indianapolis, IN has agreed to provide products and installation...Read More »

Upgrade to Corporate Website

WICHITA, KS – Alliance Monitoring Technologies, LLC, a privately owned limited liability company that specializes in providing monitoring systems to the health care industry, has just announced the upgrading of its corporate website. “We believe this recent upgrade to our website will provide our present and potential customers with more...Read More »

Expansion of Alliance Monitoring Technologies, LLC

WICHITA, KS – James Lindamood, Managing Partner of Alliance Monitoring Technologies, LLC has announced the commencement of an aggressive expansion of the company. This expansion has included the retaining of a full-time Operations Manager, expanding our offices in Wichita, KS, including the transition to a regional provider of monitoring and...Read More »