All-Call® Nurse Call Systems

When healthcare and long-term care residents encounter an emergency or need help, the All-Call® Nurse Call System alerts nurse and staff immediately to their distress. Our nurse call system allows residents to call for assistance wherever they are located in the facility by utilizing bed stations, bath stations, wall stations, wrist pendants and neck pendants. Our system allows you to install components in any location of your building. Our stations are easy to remove and relocate, should your facility’s needs change.

How It Works

A resident may initiate a call by pressing a call station button. Information is then relayed to your facility’s resident monitoring system computer. Time and date of call, resident room number, type of call (bed, bath, emergency, etc.) and escalating paging information is visually displayed on the monitor. No resident names are displayed to comply with current HIPPA regulations.

At the same time the information is displayed on the All-Call® Nurse Call resident monitoring computer, a page is sent to the distressed resident’s assigned caregiver. The staff pager will display the resident’s name, room number, alert time and date stamp, and type of call (bed, bath, emergency, etc.).

The nurse call system provides up to five levels of call escalation which can be configured for different times depending on your facility’s requirements. Call escalation timing is specific to each call, allowing repeat pages and escalation notifications to be timed accurately.

When a caregiver has responded to a distressed resident call, they may then acknowledge/reset the alarm with a simple press of the button at the triggered station. Once a call is acknowledge, it disappears from the computer display preventing unauthorized viewing of previous facility call activity. All notified levels of staff are then notified that the issue has been resolved. All alert notifications are recorded and stored in the system computer for review and future reporting.


Reliable Technology – Our nurse call system does not rely on a particular operating system. Because it is browser-based it can be accessed from any computer. Unlike application type software, our All-Call® software is more stable and reliable.

Visual Display of Calls – Nurse station and off-site computers provide visual notification of nurse and staff call alarms. Large wall pagers display nurse call notifications throughout the facility.

Notification Devices – Nurse Alert Calls placed by residents are delivered to a variety of devices by page, SMS text, or email. Alpha-numeric pagers, cordless phones, smartphones or walkie-talkies are all eligible receivers for these nurse call notifications.

staff and nurse alert media

Our Nurse Call System

  • ETL CM Listed US: Intertek 5000611 Conforms to UL Stds 2560
  • Provides immediate notification to mobile communication devices
  • Improves response time to residents in need of assistance
  • Increases administration, staff and resident satisfaction
  • Reduces use of loud alarms, making for a quieter care facility
  • Augments operational efficiency and staff productivity

Call escalation – Five levels of nurse call escalation provides healthcare facilities with a multi-level resident monitoring response plan, to ensure no resident’s distress call goes unheeded. See example of a healthcare facility’s nurse call escalation plan below.

  • *Nurse Call Station Triggered
  • Level 1 – Initial call to Primary Care Staff (indicated visually in green)
  • Level 2 – Call to previous level, plus Secondary Care Staff (indicated visually in yellow)
  • Level 3 – Call to previous levels, plus Charge Nurse (indicated visually in red)
  • Level 4 – Call to previous levels, plus Director of Nursing (indicated visually in red)
  • Level 5 – Call to previous levels, plus Administrator (indicated visually in red)

When nurse calls are placed, color-coded alarm levels allow nurse call escalation to be monitored at a central location (i.e. Green – Level 1 call first placed; Yellow – call repaged once and escalated to Level 2; Red – call re-paged second time and escalated to Level 3. Remains red for remaining levels). When nurse call stations are reset, all paged levels are notified that the call has been resolved.

Supervisories – The system continuously monitors itself and notifies maintenance staff of problems that need attention (indicated visually in orange)

Automatic page allocation – The software allows for the automatic reallocation of pagers from shift to shift, to accommodate staffing changes.

Nurse call station options – Main hall and room nurse call alarm stations. Nurse call bed stations with handheld thumb-switch. Nurse call bath stations with floor pull cord. Wrist and neck style nurse call pendants. Our system also incorporates motion detectors, smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, freeze detectors and moisture sensors into our nurse call system.

Messaging options – Manual notification of staff messaging and timed notification for daily reminders to staff.

Reporting options – Nurse call activity reports can be generated by the software and are easily exported to MS Excel. Reports can be sorted by date, time of day, call types, shifts, escalation levels, room number, response times and residents.

Password protection – User authorization limits access to system features and sensitive information.

Easy integration – Allows system to be integrated with the All-Call® Access Control and Wander Control Systems to provide comprehensive assisted living and long-term resident monitoring.

Reliability & Warranty – The All-Call® Nurse Call System is factory and site-tested, providing a high degree of reliability. Virtually maintenance-free operation, all material, parts and labor come with a one year warranty.