All-Call® Fall Management System

Giving your staff the ability to monitor a resident from a distance improves staff efficiency and provide quality care to more patients. The All-Call® Fall Management System reduces reliance on costly sitters or one-on-one resident monitoring. By alerting staff only when intervention may be required, the All-Call® Fall Management System reduces unplanned room visits, contributing to higher care giver efficiency.

Because every long-term care and assisted living resident and situation is unique, the All-Call® Fall Management System offers versatile products that can adapt to your resident monitoring needs.

Easy to Install – Our fall management system fall monitor can attach quickly to any bed, wheelchair or wall, allowing it to travel everywhere with the resident. The fall monitor can be paired with a variety of sensors, such as pull cords and pressure sensitive pads.

Easy to Use – Simply connect the monitoring device to  a pull cord or pressure pad to effectively monitor the movement of the resident with an audible alert and/or a vibrating page. (When used in conjunction with the All-Call® Wireless Nurse Call System.)

Easy to Integrate – The fall monitoring system can easily integrate with the All-Call® Wireless nurse Call System giving you a comprehensive system that alerts staff of resident movement from anywhere within your facility. Integration gives you the ability to pull up reports on resident movements enabling you to possibly predict times when a resident may be more at risk for a fall incident.

Easy to Maintain – Fall monitor units are built for abuse and can take the occasional drops and knock of daily use. A rubber outer guard and sturdy utility clip ensure device protection and resident monitoring for years to come.


Fall Management System

All-Call® management System components

Basic Monitor

  • Simple to use cord and clip
  • Strong metal clip attaches to a variety of equipment
  • Easily transfers between bed, chair and rooms
  • Rubberized case protects device from damage
  • Low battery alert for peace of mind

Variety of Connections

  • Nurse call jack
  • Sensor mat connector
  • Optional AC power connection available

Pressure Pads

  • Restraint-free, discreet monitoring maintains dignity and privacy
  • Sense movement to help prevent falls
  • 180 day moisture resistance
  • Use on chair, bed and floor